Energy Transfer

2 thoughts on “Energy Transfer

  1. I really like this one Rebecca. I wonder where it was taken. I see the one boat says Ilala, so am guessing that it ferries people/cargo to the Ilala somewhere? And this was taken from the northern part of the lake on the Mozambican side I guess? It’s got the classic stuff on board: firewood, sacks of food, then the power transformer. Interesting.

  2. This is the Likoma Island barge for the Ilala ferryboat, which travels weekly between Metangula (Mozambique), the Malawian mainland, and Likoma. (Likoma Island is part of Malawi, though it is surrounded by Mozambican water and only 6 km from the Mozambique mainland.) My Mozambican friends in Cobue have greatly benefited from Likoma’s good medical care.


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